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ASPM story
The passion of entrepreneurship based on hightech solutions

The company milestones...

1978 .::. First micro-computer : an APPLE, serial number 41!!!
Goal is to teach executives how computers are working to emancipate them from IBM monopoly...
1982 .::. dBase, legendary data base management software from Ashton Tate, is our main support to decentralize applications.
1985 .::. assembling micro-computers in China to sell them customized and free of trademarks
1987 .::. marketing campaigns with micro-computer bundled with customized softwares
1990 .::. communication with multimedia kiosk, built with micro-computer and customized software
1992 .::. marketing campaign with fax machines
1994 .::. the CD-rom is the cheapest interactive communication support
1996 .::. the dedicated palm computer
1998 .::. ASPM is on the Net through aReport.com, a financial web site service
2000 .::. 3Ecoaching is on the way to give entrepreneurship spirit to the young generation.
2002 .::. Open Source wave...back to the origin, always "stay close to the customer".
2005 .::. WiKi WiKi, markets are conversation, nontechnical users collaborate to increase the knowledge and give a customized service...the collaborative revolution.
2006 .::. Everybody can use a computer, no need to learn long handbooks, to pain to install, to fight against viruses...this is the past, the future is easy communication, dynamic memory, ubiquity, immediate and accurate knowledge, participation. and agility.

The company founders...

Christophe Stehly: Engineer, he learnt how to build bridges and he is still really fond of communication...He is expert about language, doing a lot of translation. He is also keen on formalization of ideas.
Jean-François Ayel: Engineer, he learnt about stones and fluids and he built bricks and click companies. He enjoy training people to new technologies as he is always looking for new technologies, new ideas.

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ASPM story pictures.
1985 micro-computers from China
1987 customized software
1990 multimedia kiosk
1992 marketing with fax machines
1994 CD-Rom as a communication support
1996 customized calculators
2000 3Ecoaching trainees
2005 Conference about the Collaborative Systems

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