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Dedicated Palm Computers

specifications book, selection of pieces and materials, moulding, assembling, tests, packing, packaging, small-medium quantities, customized software, China joint venture
CD-Rom edition interactive multimedia support, communication, CD-rom magazine, focused website, feedback advertising
website updating, market direct knowledge, website security, visitors attendance, dynamic tools, quick access, non-english speakers, uplook, checkup, local web design
native agent, non-english speakers, local website language, customers oriented, local referencing, local web design, local email reply service, local lead, customized translation, localised attendance, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Chile
A&B Talent Agency
career check-up, resume, networking, coaching, partnership agreement, professional opportunities, agent, coach, training, compensation package negociation, career development, help, saving time.
Collaborative Systems
productivity, team boosting, data quick update, conversations with customers and providers, security, reliability, debugging, customization, source code access, evolution, money saver, rapid bug-fixes, free software, macro coding, free redistribution, consulting, action plan, formation, administration, boosting
3Ecoaching training
Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur spirit and skills, self employment, self management, e-tools, e-learning, just in time learning, training.
ASPM story
origin, services, products, philosophy, customers, founders, pictures
companies' annual reports, financial information, 1000 biggest companies, revenues, activities, geographical location, US states, stock places, stoxx50, e-companies.
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Ask Isabel for more informations > email to:isabel at aspm.net / In Spain Tel (+34) 976 088 566 / Skype contact "aspmaetb"

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