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Open Source - Collaborative Systems

G.Link Service: as an individual, or as member of a group, have you ever dreamed of an easy way to...  
> store, edit and link your data
> full-text search, one keyword, one click and you find your data, quick and easy
> write and save, done!...your data are on line, ready to use by you, by all the authorized persons or by the entire world, you choose!
> talk about, share, publish part or all of the data, without virus, spam, spy and hackers...
> all this... from anywhere, anytime, only 1 click away from you and everyone else.
With ASPM G.Link you can get it all for less than 1Euro/day.
.: You do not have any hardware to buy.
.: You do not have any software to buy.
.: You do not have to pass long hours fighting with an "howto"
.: You do not have to install any stuff on whatever computer, laptop and other device you may use.
ASPM G.Link is fast, secure and easy so are your benefits.

   ASPM help your company to start with Open Source and collaborative systems,
   to ease your data management, increase your productivity and boost your business.

Start now With Open Source Collaborative System
: Save time and boost communications
: Be on line, always available from everywhere with a computer or a mobile phone
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Consulting : your software checkup, what do you really need?
: all the solutions nowadays available, costless, ready for use and suitable
: solutions set-up, help services, start-up support, team boosting.
Action Secure-hosting, monitoring, maintenance .
Customization skining, extra tools

Contact now ASPM team to set-up your Collaborative System.
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Collaborative Systems as WiKi
allow users to freely create and edit Web page content
using any Web browser.
Like many simple concepts, "open editing" has some profound and subtle effects on organisation usage. Allowing everyday users to create and edit any page in a Web site is exciting in that it encourages democratic use of the Web and promotes content composition by nontechnical users.
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>>Open Source Definition
Open Source Software (OSS) is software whose source code is openly published, is often developed by voluntary efforts and is usually available at no charge under a licence defined by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) which prevents it from being redistributed under a more restrictive licence. It has leapt to prominence by starting to take a significant market share in some specific parts of the software infrastructure market.