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Being global Acting local 
Locally Develop your business


Locally Develop your business with ASPM partnership.
You want to boost your business activities: do it outsourcing your sales leads!

> Step 1:
Open your website to local markets through
1.1-local website language
1.2-local website design
1.3-local email reply service
  -:-Speak the language of your customers

 > Step 2: Push your business to local markets
2.1-local website checkup
2.2-local referencing
2.3-local competitors lead
2.4-local customers lead
  -:- Get valuable information about your customers and competitors

> Step 3: Boost your business to local markets through
3.1-local names search & find
3.2-local customers contact
3.3-local information supply to customer
3.4-local customer meetings
3.5-local customer sales closing
  -:- Generate more revenues

> Step 4: Settle your business in the country through
4.1-local phone
4.2-local postal address
4.3-local people
  -:- Get your Business physically involved in the country

Get a Localisation Action Plan for free now:
.: decide where to develop your business
Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, country you are already located...
.: decide what actions to take to increase your sales
open, push, boost, settle...

Email now to Eddie.Martin at aspm.net
you will receive by return mailing a Free Customized Action Plan


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Your Benefits:
.:speak the language of your   customers
.:get valuable information
  about your customers and   competitors
.:generate more revenues
.:get your business physically in   the country
.:save your business time
.:save your business money
.:maximize your business results