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Dedicated Palm Computers
in small-medium quantity through Chinese company joint venture

  LCD screen with 2 and more lines, 25 and more caracters per line, size as you like
              key-pad with customized keys (number of keys, size, colors)
                    large range of case (colors, textures, quality)
                          customized program - customized chip
                                 special packing and packaging...
Look at a sample

 ASPM.net helps you to:  
 > write the specifications  > make the mould
 > provide all : software, chip, case, lcd, motherboard, keyboard  > assemble pieces and make the tests
 > find the appropriate packing and packaging  > check the delivering

 And remember: don't worry about the quantity.
 ASPM.net offers you a unique opportunity to get Dedicated Palm Computer calculators
 > in small-medium series
 > at an incredible cost unit through its Chinese company joint venture.

 Submit your project to Charles Schmitt, email to:charles_schmitt at aspm.net

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