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Updev CheckUp and Uplook
Updev the Internet Solutions department of ASPM

 CheckUp service

 .: Do you do a regular check-up of your website?
 How is security going on your website?
 What is the ranking of your website in search engines?...compared to your competitors?
 What feedbackgives your visitors about your website?
 How many contacts does your website pay you?
 .: Get the answers to these questions,
.:  through the Updev CheckUp of your website - report 1 free,
.: send an email to Ben Martin: ben at updev.com

 Uplook service

.: Uplook your Website : visitors need informations in two clicks.

.: Uplook your Website :
Clean and Update your messages to your visitors .

.: Uplook your Website: welcome the non-english speaker visitors.

Give you URL (http://www.mywebsite.com) and
you will receive a "free Uplook" : email to ben at updev.com

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