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Participation age - Collaborative systems
Open Source : what is it? what are your benefits? How to start ?
Collaborative systems: have you ever dreamed of a unique place, where to put all your data, your team project,
simple to update and share, open 24hrs /day, 7days/week, from all around the world through a computer or a mobile phone...
Yes, it is no more a dream, it is reality!
Do not bother you more with computer and proprietary software, hard to learn and to move ,
Set-up your
ready-to-work Collaborative System ask Isabel
3Ecoaching training : All we need is...a strong entrepreneur spirit!
José 's testimony in 2006:
" I wanted to thank you again for your training back in Spain. I actually now realize, maybe I am more mature now, how valuable your training and coaching was, really. Im sure many people didn't realize it yet, but I can say with confidence your training was as important as the degree of Economics or LADE. ... I feel I still have a true entrepreneur inside, and if I ask myself where all this comes from, a lot is due to you and your program...when Im meeting with them, (Chinese partners) and discussing issues, I can trace back many times to your advises: the dream team, the Good enough quality, the always look out to update your offer, the importance of keywords, sell the advantage, and on and on…" .
A&B Talent Agency
You have talents but no time to take advantage of new professional opportunities matching your dreams.
Your agent A&B seizes these opportunities for you, assists you in the compensation negociation
Choose what you need to go ahead in your career : an agent, a coach or a negociator ... See your benefits...
Being global Acting local: develop your business through a "Localisation Action Plan" (including foreign-language coaching)
in the country you decide to boost your activities. See your benefits...
Updev CheckUp and Uplook
CheckUp your Website: updates, security, market direct knowledge.
Uplook your Website : boost your business.
Dedicated Palm Computers
Production through Chinese company joint venture.
Quantities : from 1000 to 100 000 units.
Incredible unit cost.
CD-Rom edition.
A unique way to communicate with your customers, your partners, your investors...everywhere around the world.

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January, 2008
In 2008
Time to enter in the participation age!
Be "agile",
Increase your productivity,
boost your team
Give a better service to your customers...
> Be WiKi, enjoy your "data-from everywhere"

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ASPM story
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1985 micro-computers from China
1987 customized software
1990 multimedia kiosk
1992 marketing with fax machines
1994 CD-Rom as a communication support
1996 Dedicated Palm Computer
2000 3Ecoaching trainees
2005 Conference about the Collaborative Systems

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